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We are a craft hemp company.

"Resonate's Rise hemp oil worked wonders in reducing my stress levels and anxiety. I used to use prescription pharmaceuticals to treat these issues but since using this product, I longer have the need to."

Maryland Customer

"I have had occipital lobe epilepsy from childhood. I had been having an average of 1 seizure every 10 days. I began taking Resonate’s CBD oil and within 4 months I stopped having seizures.  I have now been seizure free for 8 months."

Bud W.

"My wife and I use Resonate Relax oil for insomnia and it’s the first time I have slept well in 20 years.

There are a lot of CBD oil companies out there. I chose Resonate because I visited the farms and saw the hemp crop and saw how clean the farms were and how good the crop looked."

Kevin M.

"Resonate's Soothe oil seems to simply help my body function at a higher level. Recovery after workouts is smoother, my metabolism is working at peak performance. I’m also finding that my stress and anxiety is reduced. This has all led to better sleep, better energy and better overall health."

Elizabeth B.

"Resonate has become part of my daily life. I start my mornings with Rise and wind down the day with Relax.  It has helped with my chronic knee pain and reduced my everyday stress and anxiety."

Peter K.

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By choosing Resonate products, you generate positive benefits for our children and the planet.  Resonate donates a portion of profits toward education and farming communities.


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